About us

Internet Border Technologies is one of Sweden's leading IT outsourcingcompanies as well as being a leading SaaS vendor for small and mid-size companies and has been providing hosting solutions since 2002. The head office is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our team is highly skilled and has several years of experience within management of IT-Systems and Security. Hosting and managed IT is provided through our knowledge of managing our own ASP services.

Our main focus is to provide our customers with cost effective, secure and high quality IT services. We manage the services offered to a low set monthly fee, which will help the customer to manage their costs every month. Combined with our own security method, this makes us the perfect partner to help customers manage their business on the Internet.

As one of the foremost IT outsourcing vendors in Sweden we continually grow in personal as well as in the number of innovative services we offer to our customers. Our goal is to provide the most innovative managed IT, hosting, ASP services and online tools on the market to help our customers to expand.

By combining experience and understanding, with structured but flexible services, Internet Border Technologies continues to exceed customer expectations.

For more information, please contact us at: info@internetborder.se

Kontakta oss

DGC Internet Border AB

Sveavägen 145, plan 5 (Receptionen)
113 64 Stockholm

Telefon: 08-410 331 00

Om oss

DGC Internet Border är sedan 2002 en av Sveriges ledande IT- driftsleverantörer. Huvudkontoret är baserat i Stockholm, Sverige.

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